Aoyama Yoshino (青山 吉能 Aoyama Yoshino?) is a voice actress affiliated with the agency 81 Produce. She voices Nanase Yoshino in the Wake Up, Girls! anime franchise and is a member of the real life Wake Up, Girls! unit.

Background Edit

In September 2012, Yoppi auditioned for avex x 81produce's "Wake Up, Girls! AUDITION" 2nd Anisong Vocal Audition and passed the audition out of over 2,000 entries total.

Wake Up, Girls! was formed in April 2013, and began work in July 2013. Yoppi did not move to Tokyo, but instead would go from Kumamoto to Tokyo for Wake Up, Girls!

In 2014, Yoppi became the first of Wake Up, Girls! member to host a FM Radio program.[1]

In March 2015, all 7 girls won the Special Award at the 9th Seiyuu Awards as the seiyuu idol unit "Wake Up, Girls!"[2] In 2015 Yoppi also was accepted into university and moved to Tokyo.[3]

In 2016 she formed "D-selections" with fellow Wake Up, Girls! member Yoshioka Mayu, two members from i☆Ris: Wakai Yuuki, Shibuya Azuki and a soloist: Kobayashi Tatsuyuki. In April 2016, the group sang the opening theme "BLOODRED" for the TV animation "Hundred".[4]

In 2017 she voiced in her first starring role as "Guri" in the TV animation "Renai Boukun".

Personality Edit

She loves the anime "SAMURAI DEEPER KYO" and "PSYCHO PASS" as she will frequently talk about them on radio programs and her blogs. She also admires other voice actresses, such as Hayami Saori.[5][6]

Yoppie is the youngest of four siblings, with one older brother and two older sisters. The name "Yoshino" is from her parents, "Yoshi" from her father and "No" from her mother.

Non-Wake Up, Girls! Anime Roles Edit

  • Anne-Happy - Chassis; Nursery School Teacher
  • Dance With Devils - Schoolgirl
  • Hacka Doll the Animation - Owner; Yuppy
  • Hundred - Female Student
  • KonoSuba God's Blessing on the Wonderful World! - Fio
  • KonoSuba God's Blessing on the Wonderful World! 2 - Fio
  • Love Tyrant - Guri
  • Magi: Adventures of Sinbad - Female Guest B
  • Orange - Manager
  • Scorching Ping Pong Girls - Senpai 1; Yura Yuragi
  • Taboo Tattoo - Clerk; Maid; Schoolgirl A

BOLD refers to a main or major recurring character.

Non-Wake Up, Girls Discography Edit

  • Hacka Doll Hacka Song # 2
  • BLOODRED / D-selections
  • Syakunetsu no Takkyumusume Doubles Song Series 5 Sasorida & Yuragi

Trivia Edit

  • Also a member of the idol group D-Selections along with fellow WUG member Yoshioka Mayu.
  • Her character name in Hacka Doll the Animation is a reference to her own nickname Yoppi.

References Edit

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