Wonderful Friends
Episode 07
EP7 Thumbnail BD1920x1080
Subarashiki Nakama-tachi
Air Date
Japanese February 21, 2014
Opening Tachiagare! (TV),
7 Girls War (Blu-ray)
Ending Kotonoha Aoba
Previous Next
Not Yet Commotion

Wonderful Friends (素晴らしき仲間たち Subarashiki Nakama-tachi?) is the seventh episode of Wake Up, Girls! anime series. It was aired on February 21, 2014.


Hayasaka announces his decision to remove Airi from Wake Up, Girls! and threatens to fire the remaining members if they do not agree.

Appearance ListEdit

  1. Tange Junko
  2. Matsuda Kohei
  3. Wake Up, Girls! members:


Major EventsEdit


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