When It's Tasty, It's Tasty, Meow!
Episode 16
Story thumbnail image 1000296
Oishī toki wa unme-nya-!
Air Date
Japanese October 30, 2017
Opening 7 Senses
Ending Shizuku no Kanmuri
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I Am My Ponytail Dreaming the Same Dream

When It's Tasty, It's Tasty, Meow! (美味しい時はうんめーにゃー! Oishī toki wa unme-nya-!?) is the 4th episode of Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shou and the 16th episode of the series overall.

Description Edit

As the other members of WUG work hard on their own projects, Mayu finally receives a job offer for a drama. Not only that, but she'll be co-starring with Iwasaki Shiho, which is sure to garner attention. When Ayumi and her friends come to Tokyo after seeing an ad for extras, they're finally able to meet their idols Mayu and Shiho

Summary Edit

Major Events Edit

Trivia Edit

Staff Edit

Screenplay: Edit

  • Eriko Matsudo

Storyboard: Edit

  • Shin Itagaki
  • Shingo Tanabe

Production: Edit

  • Shin Itagaki
  • Shingo Tanabe


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