We Are Wake Up, Girls!
Episode 13
Story thumbnail image 1000281
私たち、Wake Up, Girls!でーす!
Watashitachi, Wake Up, Girls! De-su!
Air Date
Japanese October 9, 2017
Opening 7 Senses
Ending Shizuku no Kanmuri
Insert Song Tachiagare!

7 Girls War (Performance)

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Wake Up, Girls! Beyond the Bottom This is Our Home

We Are Wake Up, Girls! (私たち、Wake Up, Girls!でーす! Watashitachi, Wake Up, Girls! De-su!?) is the first episode of Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shou and the 13th episode of the series overall.

Description Edit

After defeating I-1 club at the 2015 Idol Festival, WUG thought they had finally become top idols... but things aren't so simple. The group continues to struggle to make a name for themselves, and to make matters worse, the idol economy is in a recession.

Summary Edit

Staff Edit

Screenplay Edit

  • Eriko Matsuda

Storyboard Edit

  • Shin Itagaki

Production Edit

  • Shingo Tanabe
  • Shin Itagaki

Animation Director Edit

  • Miyuki Sugawara

Key Animation Edit

  • Hiromi Kimura
  • Maiko Miyake

Trivia Edit

  • 1st episode of Wake Up, Girls! to use CGI for a music performance.
  • 1st episode to use 7 Senses and Shizuku no Kanmuri as the opening and ending song respectively.


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