Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shou (Wake Up, Girls! New Chapter) is the second anime season of the Wake Up, Girls! franchise and follows after Wake Up, Girls! Beyond the Bottom. The series will have a new staff and character designs. It is set to premiere October 9, 2017.

Story Edit

In a story of growth and strong bonds, seven girls in Sendai formed the idol group Wake Up, Girls! and began working hard to become top idols together.

Wake Up, Girls! of the weak production company Green Leaves Entertainment experienced many setbacks but managed to defeat the nationally popular idol group I-1 Club and became champions of the Idol Festival.

While their dreams have come true the reality of being a top idol is not so sweet, especially in the midst of an idol "recession." Still, the seven girls continue to keep up steady idol activities.

Meanwhile, in Sendai, three junior high school students long to become idols . . .

Episodes Edit

Cast & Characters Edit

Wake Up, Girls! Edit

I-1 Club Edit

Run Girls, Run! Edit

Other Edit

Music Edit

Opening Edit

Ending Edit

Inserts Edit

  • TBD

Staff Edit

  • Studio: Millepensee
  • Director: Shin Itagaki
  • Character Designer: Miyuki Sugawara
  • Original Character Designer: Sunao Chikaoka
  • Music: Satoru Kosaki

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