Wake Up, Girls! New Chapter (Wake Up, Girls!新章 Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shou?) is the second anime season of the Wake Up, Girls! franchise and follows after Wake Up, Girls! Beyond the Bottom. The series features new staff and character designs. It premiered October 9, 2017.

Story Edit

"Wake Up, Girls!" is the story of growth and friendship of seven girls living in Sendai, Miyagi who form the idol group "Wake Up, Girls! (WUG)" and work together to become top idols.

Operating under a small production company in Sendai known as "Green Leaves Entertainment," WUG overcame countless obstacles to beat national idol group "I-1 club" at the Idol Festival and win the event. They had suddenly become top idols... but with an idol recession going on, things weren't so easy. The days of steady and honest idol work continued for the girls.

Meanwhile, Sendai-based middle school trio Hayashi Ayumi, Morishima Otome, and Atsugi Itsuka have developed an increasing desire to become idols...

Episodes Edit

  1. We Are Wake Up, Girls!
  2. This is Our Home
  3. I Am My Ponytail
  4. When It's Tasty, It's Tasty, Meow!
  5. Dreaming the Same Dream
  6. WUG Alone, WUG Together
  7. When The Going Gets Tough, Smile!
  8. Believe You're Making Progress
  9. WUG! Makes Me Think Of...?
  10. Sprout New Buds!
  11. What We Can Do
  12. Towards The Light

Cast & Characters Edit

Wake Up, Girls! Edit

I-1 Club Edit

Run Girls, Run! Edit

Other Edit

Music Edit

Opening Edit

Ending Edit

Inserts Edit

Episode 1: Edit

Episode 2: Edit

  • Aoba Blues

Episode 3: Edit


Episode 5: Edit

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Staff Edit

  • Studio: Millepensee
  • Director: Shin Itagaki
  • Character Designer: Miyuki Sugawara
  • Original Character Designer: Sunao Chikaoka
  • Music: Satoru Kosaki

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