4th Live Tour Visual

4th Live Tour Visual

Wake Up, Girls! 4th Live Tour: Gomen ne Bakkari Itte Gomen ne! ( Wake Up, Girls! 4th LIVE TOUR「ごめんねばっかり言ってごめんね!」 (Wake Up, Girls! 4th Live Tour "I'm Sorry for Saying Sorry!"?) is the fourth live tour of the Wake Up, Girls! unit. It will run for seven dates from July 23rd, 2017 to September 16th, 2017.

Dates & Venues Edit

July 23rd (Day/Night) Edit

  • Place: Osaka
  • Venue: Namba Hatch

August 5th (Day/Night) Edit

  • Place: Miyagi Prefecture
  • Venue: Sendai Sun Plaza Hall

August 13th (Day/Night) Edit

  • Place: Saitama
  • Venue: Omiya Sonic City

August 20th (Day/Night) Edit

  • Place: Fukuoka
  • Venue: Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS

September 3rd (Day/Night) Edit

  • Place: Okinawa Prefecture
  • Venue: Music Town Sound Market

September 10th (Day/Night) Edit

  • Place: Hiroshima

September 16th (Night) Edit

  • Place: Tokyo
  • Venue: Zepp DiverCity Tokyo

Setlist Edit


Physical Release Edit


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