Wug 2nd live tour visual

2nd Live Tour Visual

Wake Up, Girls! 2nd Live Tour: Ittarikitari Shite Gomen ne! Wake Up, Girls! 2nd Live Tour「行ったり来たりしてごめんね!」 (Wake Up, Girls! 2nd Live Tour: Sorry for Going Back and Forth!?) is the second live tour of the Wake Up, Girls! unit. It ran for four dates from July 20th, 2015 to August 16th, 2015. It received a Blu-Ray release of the final performance on June 24th, 2016.

Dates & Venues Edit

July 20th (Day/Night) Edit

  • Place: Osaka
  • Venue: Namba Hatch

August 1st (Day/Night) Edit

  • Place: Fukoka

August 8th (Day/Night) Edit

  • Place: Chiba
  • Venue: Maihama Amphitheater

August 16th (Day/Night) Edit

  • Place: Miyagi Prefecture
  • Venue: Tokyo Electron Hall Miami

Setlist Edit

Final Performance: Edit

  1. 7 Girls War
  2. Gokujou Smile
  3. Sugao de Kiss Me
  4. Chikatetsu Labyrinth
  5. Seventeen Crisis
  6. Purachina Sunrise
  7. Hajimaru
  8. Ookashi no Kuni
  9. WOO YEAH!
  10. Sukikirai Night
  11. Ookami to Piano
  12. Stella Drive
  13. Uta to Sakana to Hadashi to Watashi
  14. Jera
  15. Little Challenger
  16. Shoujo Koukyoukyoku
  17. 16-sai no Agape
  18. Kotonoha Aoba
  19. WUG Zoo Zoo
  20. Tachiagare!

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