Well, I may have over done it just a tad. I spent all day with very few breaks working on the wiki. My wrist is a little sore but all else is well.

I'm completely revamping all the music stuff including both individual songs and singles.

Song pages will now have two extra sections: History and Releases. History will refer to how the songs are used in the anime and the in-story background on them. Releases will list all the appearances the song makes on physical formats such as singles and albums.

I've also added pages for WUG and I-1 Club singles. To differentiate between songs and singles of the same name I've added (Single) at the end of the title. So, for example, there's now 7 Girls War and 7 Girls War (Single). I've also added a note at the top of necessary pages letting people know if they're on the right page they're looking for.

I've created the following pages for the anime.

I added protection to these pages so that right now only I can edit them. I've also added protection to the page Wake Up, Girls! (franchise).

The reason for this is so I can make sure nothing will be added while I try to reconfigure some stuff. I want to make it easier for people to find exactly what it is they're looking for whether it be a movie, the WUG idol unit, or a specific series in the franchise. I'll be trying to do that all throughout the week.


I've split I-1 Club and Wake Up, Girls! Discography into seperate navigation boxes. You'll see what I mean when you visit a single or song page.

Well, I believe that's about everything. I'll be giving myself a break tomorrow and be back at it on Monday.