Tomaranai Mirai


Song by I-1 Club
Lyrics Natsumi Tadano
Composer Keiichi Hirokawa (MONACA)
Arranger Keiichi Hirokawa (MONACA)
Label avex

Tomaranai Mirai (止まらない未来) is a song performed by the I-1 Club.

History Edit

Tomaranai Mirai appears as an insert song in Wake Up, Girls! Beyond the Bottom. This was the first known song to be centered by Moka Suzuki as the official center after winning the recent Team M vs S battle against Shiho Iwasaki. The song is also notable for the new colour change in the I-1 Club's uniform. Instead of the usual red, they have now changed to blue, possibly to emulate Team M (Moka's sub-team in the center battle)'s colour scheme. However, recent pictures relating to the Shin Shou could argue against a permament colour change.

This is also the first single that Rika Takashina has appeared after taking over the spot left by Shiho. She mostly mirrors Mai Kondo in the anime choreography at the Idol Festival.

During the scene of the Idol Festival performance, mostly the chorus is sung, however a snippet of the second verse can also be heard behind Wake Up, Girls! deliberating before they go onto sing.

Releases Edit

The song appears on the CD single Resurrection/Tomaranai Mirai (Single) and the album Wake Up, Best! 2.

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