This is Our Home
Episode 14
Story thumbnail image 1000289
Koko ga Watashitachi no Hōmu
Air Date
Japanese October 16
Opening 7 Senses
Ending Shizuku no Kanmuri
Insert Song Aoba Blues
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We Are Wake Up, Girls! The Ponytail is the Main Body

This is Our Home (ここが私たちのホーム Koko ga Watashitachi no Hōmu?) is the 2nd episode of Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shou and the 14th episode of the series overall.

Description Edit

Under the instruction of President Tange, the members of Wake Up, Girls! move in together as plans for a national tour begin. To promote Wake Up, Girls! Tange sends Kaya and Minami on individual activities together.

Summary Edit

Staff Edit

Screenplay: Edit

  • Eriko Matsuda

Storyboard: Edit

  • Shin Itagaki

Production: Edit

  • Michita Shiraishi

Animation Director: Edit

  • Miyugi Sugawara

Trivia Edit

  • Small changes are made to the opening as signatures from the main characters have been added in addition to their names.


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