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Junko Tange
Affiliation Green Leaves Entertainment
Noriko Hidaka
Junko Tange (丹下 順子?) is the president of Green Leaves Entertainment.


Junko has blond-brown neck-length hair and hazel coloured eyes. She has fair coloured skin and usually is seen wearing earings on her ears. She is also often seen wearing long-sleeved shirts along with jackets and skirts.


Junko is an adult woman who has a pretty foul mouth and likes to smoke. She ended up running away with all the money from the Wake Up, Girls! idols right after the group was formed, saying her darling had an accident.


She was born in Kumamoto Prefecture in southern Japan, lived in Tokyo and Osaka, and then ended up in Sendai far from her birthplace. When Green Entertainment loses it's last talent, she sends Kōhei Matsuda to scout a new idol group.



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Green Leaves Entertainment
Junko Kouhei
Junko Tange Kōhei Matsuda

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