Moka Suzuki


Profile moka

Age 13 (TV 2014)
15 (Seishun no Kage & Beyond the Bottom)
17 (Shin Shou)
Birthdate 8/9/1999
Blood Type O
Height 146cm
Weight 35kg
Three Sizes B69cm | W55cm | H75cm
Star Sign Leo
Hometown Tokyo
Like Anime & Games
Hate Tomatoes
Hobbies Anime & Games
Affiliation I-1 Club
Nozomi Yamamoto

Moka Suzuki (鈴木 萌歌?) is a fourth-generation I-1 Club member and part of the "W Suzuki" duo alongside Rena Suzuki. She is the current center of the I-1 Club.


Moka is the shortest member of the group, only just shorter than Megumi Yoshikawa. She has blue eyes and a dull-maroon coloured bob hairstyle.

During practices, she typically wears a light blue high collared crop top, peach coloured short and purple trainers.


Moka  is the youngest out of the seven main I-1 Club idols and as a result, this shows in her attitude. This is exhibited by her extreme desire for the center position and her immaturity in response to criticism from the current center, Iwasaki Shiho and the 'leader', Kondo Mai. Additionally, Moka can come across as slightly playful or condascending at the same time, as exhibited when taunting Shiho on a TV show about the upcoming center battle.

However, when faced with pressure, Moka does appear to have a more serious, mature side. She can take practice extremely seriously and puts in a lot of effort to portray herself as a leader. She appears to be friends with Rena and Tina Kobayakawa as well as wrongly being associated with Rena as sisters, when in reality they simply share a surname.


In 'Shichin no Idol', Moka does appear but only extremely breafly with no speaking roles. She only begins to speak relatively late in the TV series. Her determined personality begins to be shown but also her interest in Wake Up, Girls and their association with Hayasaka. Apart from this and a couple of other moments, Moka does not seem to receive a huge amount of focus within the TV anime.

Later, in 'Seishun no Kage', Moka is selected to compete against Shiho Iwasaki for the center of the I-1 Club, leading her 'Team M' against Shiho's 'Team S'. Despite her previous personality, Moka appears almost playful as she teases Shiho on a TV show about the battle, annoying her. In Beyond the Bottom, it is revealed that Team M won the center battle and Moka is now the center of I-1 Club. Whilst she tries to put on a stern face and acting like a center, she still does appear troubled to others, such as Rena and Tina. Near the end, before performing, Moka gets her passion back and performs confidently on stage with the song Tomaranai Mirai.


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