This article is about the CD One in a Billion by Wake Up, May'n!. For information on the song of the same name go to One in a Billion.

One in a Billion (Single)

One In A Billion Limited

One In A Billion Regular

Single by Wake Up, May'n!
Performers Wake Up, Girls!
Format CD
Publisher flying dog
Distributor Victor Entertainment
Released August 9, 2017
Catalog Number VTZL-131
One in a Billion is the first single released as part of the collaboration group Wake Up, May'n!

Tracklist Edit

Disc 1:

  1. One in a Billion
  2. Ōsama no Cadenza
  3. One in a Billion (Instrumental)
  4. Ōsama no Cadenza (Instrumental)

Disc 2 (Limited Edition Only)

  • One in a Billion MV

Audio Edit

Song Audio
One in a Billion TBA
Ōsama no Cadenza TBA
One in a Billion (Instrumental) TBA
Ōsama no Cadenza (Instrumental) TBA

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Wake Up, Girls! single not to be released under Avex. Instead it was under Flying Dog, the record label of collaborator artist May'n.
  • This is the first Wake Up, Girls! single to include a Blu-Ray instead of a DVD for the Limited Edition.

Navigation Edit

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