Nanase Yoshino



Japanese Name 七瀬佳乃
Romaji Name Nanase Yoshino
Age 16
Birthdate May 15
Grade High School Freshman
Blood Type A
Height 159 cm
Weight 44 kg
Three Sizes B70 W58 H82
Star Sign Taurus
Handedness Right
Hometown Aomori, Aomori Prefecture
Like Stuffed
Hate Cunning People
Hobbies Skiing
Affiliation Wake Up, Girls!
Aoyama Yoshino
Anime Wake Up, Girls!
Game Wake Up, Girls! Stage no Tenshi

Yoshino Nanase (七瀬 佳乃?) nicknamed Yoppi, is the leader of the idol group, Wake Up, Girls!. She joined the group through the audition in late 2013. Yoshino is known as the cool beauty in the group with the most sense of responsibility. Her image color is light blue.


Yoshino has long straight purple hair and green eyes. She has fair coloured skin. Most of the time, she is seen wearing long sleeved shirts (sometimes with a coat) and pleated skirts.


She is supportive and nice towards her friends and never gives up as she is the leader of WUG.


Unlike most of Wake Up, Girls! members, Yoshino has been working in the entertainment world for years as a local model and actress.




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Wake Up, Girls!
Wake Up, Girls! OP 00.44 Wake Up, Girls! OP 00.21 Wake Up, Girls! OP 00.16 Wake Up, Girls! OP 00.11
Shimada Mayu Hayashida Airi Katayama Minami Nanase Yoshino
Wake Up, Girls! OP 00.34 Wake Up, Girls! OP 00.38 Wake Up, Girls! OP 00.28
Hisami Nanami Kikuma Kaya Okamoto Miyu

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