Cover for group's debut single Resurrection

NEXT STORM is an idol unit created for the Wake Up, Girls! franchise.

Franchise Edit

NEXT STORM is formed by Shiho Iwasaki after leaving I-1 Club. Acting as center, Shiho is joined by Hinako Fujisaki, Noa Morina, and Aya Mizuta.

Anime Edit

The group makes its debut in Wake Up, Girls! Beyond the Bottom.

Manga Edit


Real Life Edit

While the group does not have a real life equivalent, the voice actresses sometimes perform in character at Wake Up, Girls! concerts.

Discography Edit



Videos Edit

Trivia Edit

  • With four members this was the smallest Wake Up, Girls! related group until the creation of Run Girls, Run!.

Navigation Edit

Members Shiho Iwasaki Hinaka Fujisaki
Nao Morina Aya Mizuta
Singles Resurrection/Tomaranai Mirai (Single)
Songs Resurrection


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