Minami Katayama (片山実波 Katayama Minami?) is one of the main characters in Wake Up, Girls! anime series. She is a member of an idol group, Wake Up, Girls! where she joined after going through the audition in late 2013. Her image color is yellow and her image animal is tiger.


Minami has brown hair that matches her brown eyes and is always seen wearing low pigtails. Most of the time, she is seen wearing skirts.


A girl who enjoys eating various kinds of food and has a big appetite. Minami is often compared to the sun, vibrant and energetic. She is recruited after Junko saw her winning a local folk song singing competition. She is also known to sing at a local home for senior citizens who give her their support during her concerts. Despite not being the youngest member, Minami considered as the "little sister" of the group, she and Miyu are usually the mood makers of the group due to their bubbly and cheerful personalities. Even so, Minami can easily gets nervous but thanks to the "protection charm" Grandma Isokawa gave her, she is able to overcome her nervousness and stage fright. She is always heard saying, "I want to perform again", and looks forward every time the group is given a job. She is always punctual no matter what event and always puts others first before herself.


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  1. Uta to Sakana to Hadashi to Watashi
  2. Sore Ike Otome
  3. Ponto PUSH! Motto SMILE!


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