Katayama Minami



Japanese Name 片山実波
Romaji Name Katayama Minami
Age 14
Birthdate January 22
Grade Ninth Grade
Blood Type A
Height 150 cm
Weight 40 kg
Three Sizes B72 W57 H84
Star Sign Aquarius
Handedness Right
Hometown Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture
Like Baked Sweet Potato / Pancake
Hate Exercise
Hobbies Folk
Affiliation Wake Up, Girls!
Tanaka Minami
Anime Wake Up, Girls!
Game Wake Up, Girls! Stage no Tenshi

Katayama Minami (片山実波?) is a member of an idol group Wake Up, Girls!. She joined the group through the audition in late 2013. She is the "little sister" of the group and sets the mood. Her image color is yellow.


Minami has brown hair that matches her brown eyes and is always seen wearing low pigtails. Most of the time, she is seen wearing skirts.


Minami Katayama is often compared to the sun, vibrant and energetic. She is always happy and radiant and has the biggest appetite compared to everyone in Wake-Up, Girls! Though it may not seem like it, Minami easily gets nervous but thanks to the 'protection charm' Grandma Isokawa gave her, she is able to overcome her nervousness and stage fright. She is always heard saying, "I want to perform again", and looks forward every time the group is given a job. She is always punctual no matter what event and always puts others first before herself.


She used to perform in a Folk's Song Club where she would sing for the seniors. That is where she was discovered.


Discography Edit


  • U
  • m
  • e
  • nya!


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