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  • I have noticed that song pages had different categories:

    Category:Discography:Most WUG songs
    Category:Music:Other songs
    Category:I-1 Club Discography: Jera

    Is this intended and should be kept, or should it be merged to the same category?

    Also, template:Nav-I1ClubDisc and [[Template: NavBox-NextStorm]] (and possibly some other navboxes) missed a closing |} at the end, which may corrupt other wiki marking if it is not placed directly at the end of the page.

    Moreover, template:NavBox-NextStorm's title is not consistent with other navboxes, so please move it to Template:Nav-NextStorm.

    Thank you!

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  • Can you please explain why the two nav-disc templates shouldn't be merged into one and why did you deleted the template?(I was going to change my translations into romaji as you have requested) It will soon be a mess as some songs that were not present in the anime or albums don't have a suitable place to stay in the template. Also I think it would be unnecessary to split the template into two(four, if you count Next Storm and RGR when they have they own templates) as it is not logical to have songs kept in two different places. I found you have a little bit of dictatorship going on. The new series is now being aired, and this wiki is going to have more visitors. If you continue to full-protect pages and not allow others to update stuff, this place is going to be less popular. I think that is what you not wanted

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    • Have they been locked? I've not personally had any trouble editing lately. I know it's only been a couple of pages (so so sorry Dm21! I'll try and speed it up pronto!) but still I haven't come across any problems. :\

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    • First off, I genuinely apologize for any actions I made that you saw as out of line. I suffer from anxiety which can sometimes manifest in me making brash decisions that I may regret very soon after. 

      That said I stand by my desire to keep the WUG and I-1 Club navigation boxes separate. You may not like it but that’s what I feel best works. Regarding my decision to add a protection filter to the templates and navigation boxes, it had always been my intention to make it so those can only be edited by certain people though it only occurred to me until now to actually act on it. And yes some pages (mostly the ones that rely on a little bit of wiki maintenance and navigation) are protected because I have plans to work on them and don’t want any interference until I can do so. If there is a page that you feel has been unfairly protected please let me know so I can see if it’s something that should have been de-protected anyway. 

      To be honest, I find your use of the word dictatorship to be quite hurtful. That was not my intention and I’m sorry if it comes off like that. I admit to being a bit of a perfectionist and I do want to keep a firm hand when modding this wiki and it can be hard to balance that with my desire to be lenient in certain areas. Since getting ownership of this wiki transferred over to me, most of the wiki work here has been done by me and Poloir (someone who was here making edits even before I was) and I concede that it will take me a little bit to adjust to having new editors on here. I also admit to being a little territorial with the music related pages as I consider them to sorta be my little pet project on this wiki. 

      Quite frankly, if you had come to me first about about making changes to something as integral to the wiki as navigation or page names I may have been more receptive. Logging on to my email to see a bunch of notifications of changes made to the wiki was a bit blindsiding.  

      All personal feelings aside I have decided to take your arguments into consideration and will change Purachina Sunrise to Platinum Sunrise. While I much prefer to use romanizations over possibly incorrect English translations (especially ones made by an often unreliable Google Translate) I have made exceptions where obvious loanwords are in effect thus why Sunraizu was changed to Sunrise and Sebuntīn Kuraishisu to Seventeen Crisis. At the time of making the page I had not been aware that Purachina was basically the Japanese pronunciation of Platinum. 

      Thank you for voicing your concerns to me. If there are any other issues you have regarding me or this wiki I will be glad to listen to them and I hope we can quickly come to an understanding. 

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    • Sorry to be saying about the dictatorship. I met a dictator on some other wikis and basically 80% contributions was made by him. I feel some of that but it seems that you aren't.

      Just a few reminders. The ownership of the wiki has always been Wikia. It is the administration of the wiki being transferred. Also, protecting pages is not a good thing when there is no vandalism. See Mw:Help:Protecting_and_unprotecting_pages.

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    • Can you please undelete template:Nav-disc. The current nav is really a mess and some pages aren't listed in the bottom nav box, even when the nav box is in that page.(e.g Chikatetsu Labyrinth) I really wanted to fix them. Thank you!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I have the album, how do I go about adding a new page for the album? im really new to this as you can see from my profile...

    and wug chan went to ax 2017, is there a page that tracks idol activities? can we make one?

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    • Hmm, well the Wake Up, Girls! Best 2 album already has a page created for it . If you're referring to adding songs what you'd need to do is convert the music to ogg files and then put them into a table like the one on 7 Girls War.

      In general, to create a page you would go to that button up on the header next to the part that shows the number of pages currently on the wiki (this might look different to you as I'm viewing everything as admin) and then you'll be taken to window that let's you fill out all the information you need for the page.

      As of right now there's no page strictly for tracking idol activities. I've thought of making one before but as of now it's low priority. If you want to get a page started for that go right ahead!

      And thanks for adding English lyrics to Shoujo Koukyouyoku . Hope you'll continue making conrtibutions to the wiki!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi. I’ve given you admin and bureaucrat rights on this community as you requested. You now have the tools you need to clean up, customize and maintain the wiki.

    Check out your Admin Dashboard, which can by found by clicking "Admin" on the bottom toolbar -- it has links to all your new tools. Please let me know if you have any questions, and good luck with your new (old) wiki!

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