Megumi Yoshikawa


Profile megumi

Age 16 (TV 2014)
18 (Seishun no Kage & Beyond the Bottom)
19 (Shin Shou)
Birthdate 8/6/1997
Blood Type A
Height 155cm
Weight 40kg
Three Sizes B74cm | W56cm | H80cm
Star Sign Gemini
Hometown Tokyo
Like Cats
Hate Avocado
Hobbies Shopping
Affiliation I-1 Club
Minami Tsuda

Megumi Yoshikawa (吉川 愛) Is an original first-generation member of the I-1 Club. She is known for her positive attitude and she openly supports her rival group Wake Up, Girls! She has a nickname of ‘Yoshi Megu’.


Megumi is extremely short, being the second-shortest out of the seven I-1 Club members. She has medium length black hair accompanied with a hot pink hair clip and also has brown eyes.

During normal training scenes, she wears a light pink blouse t-shirt which features a mini, more vibrant bow near the top with frilly shoulders and dark grey short sleeves. She also wears skirt-like burgundy shorts, high-height white socks and white trainers. 


Megumi is known as an extremely positive character within the I-1 Club. Despite originally not being in the front and centre as well as having gone back and forth with the I-1 and I-2 armies, she is now one of the most popular members of the club. She frequently tries to keep the mood positive and cares deeply for other people’s feelings.

And despite the frequent activities of the I-1 Club, Megumi still remains good friends with Mayu Shimada, as they were both friends during Mayu’s time in the first generation. She openly shows support for not only Mayu, but Wake Up, Girls! as a whole. She also tries to stay good-natured and be good friends with everyone she meets, especially showing her friendship with Mai Kondo, Nanoka Aizawa and especially Shiho Iwasaki. She is extremely well liked among fans mainly for her warm and encouraging personality. 


Megumi is introduced extremely early on the anime, having been shown in the earlier ritual led by Mai. Additionally, she is one of the main four that receives speaking roles before the introduction of Tina Kobayakawa, Rena Suzuki and Moka Suzuki. Her relationship with Mayu is first shown when she texts her about the I-1 Club making it to the Tokyo Dome. A flashback is also shown, confirming that their friendship stretches back a long amount of time. When Mayu cries for being kicked out of the I-1 Club as a result of losing a center battle to Shiho, Megumi stands and cries with her, offering to defend her to the president. Later, as she, Nanoka, Shiho and Mai discuss Mayu joining WUG, she is the only one to defend her against her teammates.

Within the TV Anime, Megumi still makes appearances in the anime, mainly in Sendai after the I-1 Club finish building their theatre. After performing several successful concerts, she sees WUG in the after-show meet and greet. She immediately notices Mayu and openly expresses her friendship with Mayu, without having to hide it anywhere else. During the 2014 Idol Festival, Megumi immediately comes to see Mayu. She then expresses her amazement at the performance of WUG during their showing of ‘7 Girls War’.

In the next two movies, ‘Seishun no Kage’ and ‘Beyond the Bottom’, Megumi’s role is reduced, as the focus of the I-1 Club switches focus to Moka and her takeover as center of the club. Still, Megumi appears discussing the recent tabloid news regarding the end of the I-1 Club’s million sale streak, and quickly hushes Nanoka to avoid talking about news stories which speak negatively on Shiho, for fear of hurting her feelings. She then immediately tries to stop Shiho’s self-blaming for the end of the streak. She is placed in ‘Team S’ and performs alongside Shiho, Nanoka and Mai with ‘Unmei no Megami’ for the new center position. She, alongside Mai tries to comfort Shiho whilst she packs to leave Tokyo to eventually join Next Storm. She again, like last time greets not only Mayu this time, but additionally Shiho and helps to lighten the mood between the 3 competing groups. She performs ‘Tomaranai Mirai’ in the 2015 Idol Festival but ultimately lose to Wake Up, Girls!


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