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Kōhei Matsuda
Affiliation Green Leaves Entertainment
Shintarō Asanuma
Anime A Quite Beginning
Kōhei Matsuda (松田 耕平?) is a manager at Green Leaves Entertainment. He went to college in Tokyo to become a recording artist, but suffered a setback and came back home to Sendai. 


Kōhei has short gray hair and gray-blue eyes. He also has fair coloured skin. He is often seen wearing a white long-sleeved shirt along with a blue tie with slack trousers.


While having a good heart, his timid persona and inexperience as an idol manager makes it difficult for him to effectively make decisions that help boost the group's career. He nevertheless cares for the girls and would take action if he sees the girls in an uncomfortable situation.


The group's manager. In the movie, it is revealed that he used to play guitar.



See: Kōhei/Image Gallery


Green Leaves Entertainment
Junko Kouhei
Junko Tange Kōhei Matsuda

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