Living Here
Episode 09
EP9 Thumbnail BD1920x1080
Koko de Ikiru
Air Date
Japanese March 7, 2014
Opening 7 Girls War
Ending Kotonoha Aoba
Insert Song n/a
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Commotion Gateway to Success

Living Here (ここで生きる Koko de Ikiru?) is the ninth episode of Wake Up, Girls! anime series. It was aired on March 7, 2014.

Episode DescriptionEdit

When Yoshino's reservations towards Mayu's resistance to talking about her past with I-1 boils over and a dark cloud hangs over the group, Wake Up, Girls! takes a trip at Kaya's suggestion.

Appearance ListEdit

  1. Tange Junko
  2. Matsuda Kohei
  3. Wake Up, Girls! members:


Major EventsEdit


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