Tina Kobayakawa


Profile tina

Age 21
Birthdate 9/7/1995
Blood Type O
Height 165cm
Weight 45kg
Three Sizes B88cm | W60cm | H68cm
Star Sign Cancer
Hometown Saitama
Affiliation I-1 Club
Kiyono Yasuno

Tina Kobayakawa (小早川 ティナ) is a third-generation half-British member of the I-1 Club. She first appeared in ‘Wake Up, Girls! Shichi-nin no Idol’ and her first main speaking role was in the TV Anime ‘Wake Up, Girls!’. She is voiced by Kiyono Yasuno. Her nickname is ‘Ti-na’. 


Tina is the second-tallest member of the I-1 Club, only just behind Mai Kondo and is the third oldest member of the group, behind again Mai and also Rena Suzuki. She has long blonde hair and has green eyes.

Usually during rehearsals, Tina wears a slightly rolled up pastel blue t-shirt alongside black workout shorts. This is accompanied by slightly baggier navy-blue shorts and vibrant red trainers.


Tina is by far one of the calmest members out of the main 7 in the I-1 Club, similar to her teammate Rena Suzuki never having to raise her voice even in signs of conflict. She is also known to have extremely good fashion sense when out as well.

She does sometimes come back with swift, yet calm remarks, such as when Rena and Moka Suzuki talk about Shiho, Tina is able to fluster Rena by outing her desire for center. Additionally, after Moka starts leading practices as the new center of the I-1 Club, Tina (alongside Rena) show a soft side and confront Moka about how she is. 


Tina’s time during ‘Shichi-nin no Idol’ was fairly brief with no speaking roles present. She first is shown in the opening ritual led by Mai Kondo however this is extremely short and she does get a shot in the background near the end when performing at the Tokyo Dome.

Tina first is fully introduced in the TV anime and was now given a couple of lines, however these serve little to no significance. She does have a few scenes mainly grouped with Moka and Rena discussing matters within the group, mainly the center position and Wake Up, Girls!

Moving on into ‘Seishun no Kage’, Tina becomes slightly more involved with the main plot, albeit still receiving only a little amount of lines in total. For the new single ‘Unmei no Megami’, Tina and Rena are placed in ‘Team M led by Moka, and she expresses surprise at the selection of the team leader. She then does not make a significant appearance again until ‘Beyond the Bottom’, when she and Rena confront Moka about her state and encourage her to not feel entirely bad about the current situation. She, alongside the rest of I-1 Club appear just before the Idol Festival, however she does not speak apart for a single line moments before performing. She the performs one of the 3 main parts of ‘Tomaranai Mirai’ alongside the rest of the I-1 Club well, however they ultimately lose against Wake Up, Girls! 


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