Kinjo Momoka
Japanese Name 金城桃花
Romaji Name Kinjo Momoka
Age 13
Birthdate September 1
Grade Seventh Grade
Blood Type O
Height 147 cm
Weight 38 kg
Three Sizes B76 W56 H78
Star Sign Virgo
Handedness Right
Hometown Aichi Prefecture
Like Kiwi
Hate Natto
Hobbies Baking
Affiliation Wake Up, Girls! ~Stage no Tenshi~
Asakura Momo
Game Wake Up, Girls! ~Stage no Tenshi~
Wake Up, Girls! ~Stage no Tenshi~ Characters
Stagenotenshi chara8 Stagenotenshi chara9 Stagenotenshi chara10
Hina Ohishi Chiaki Sakurai Suzuka Yagami

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