Episode 03
Wake Up, Girls! - 03 21.19
Ichiban Yasashiku
Air Date
Japanese January 24, 2014
Opening 7 Girls War
Ending Kotonoha Aoba
Insert Song Tachiagare!
Previous Next
Girls Standing Onstage Scandal

Kindest (一番優しく Ichiban Yasashiku?) is the third episode of Wake Up, Girls! anime series. It was aired on January 24, 2014


As Wake Up, Girls!'s popularity rises higher and higher, Katayama Minami grows as an idol and getting more popular than other members, and being planned to be promoted on a TV special. However, one of her grandma got into hospital on the stage day. In other place, Mayu's return to idol world has spread into Sendai...

Appearance ListEdit

  1. Tange Junko
  2. Matsuda Kohei
  3. Wake Up, Girls! members:


Major EventsEdit


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