Kikuma Kaya



Japanese Name 菊間夏夜
Romaji Name Kikuma Kaya
Age 18
Birthdate March 1
Grade High School Senior
Blood Type A
Height 164 cm
Weight 50 kg
Three Sizes B85 W59 H83
Star Sign Pisces
Handedness Right
Hometown Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture
Like Comedy
Hate Sea
Hobbies Jogging
Affiliation Wake Up, Girls!
Okuno Kaya
Anime Wake Up, Girls!
Game Wake Up, Girls! Stage no Tenshi

Kaya Kikuma (菊間 夏夜?) is a member of the idol group Wake Up, Girls!. She joined the group through the audition in late 2013. Her image color is green.


Kaya has mid back length dirty blonde hair that is slightly wavy and wide green eyes. She is 164 cm high and her three-sizes are B 85 cm / W 59 cm / H 83 cm, while her weight is 50 kg.


Kaya is generous and always supportive towards her friends and family. She always put others first before her as she is the eldest in WUG.


Kaya was originally from Kesennuma, living with her aunt after her parents died when she was young. Kaya then left for Sendai and worked various part-time jobs after the fishing vessel "Shotomaru", in which her childhood friend was among the passengers, went missing 3 years prior to the start of the series. She joined the Wake Up, Girls! on a whim and originally planned to leave if she got bored, but has since dedicated herself to be with the group. She acts as the group's second-in-command after Yoshino. She has been nicknamed "Kayatan" by her peers.

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