Junko Tange (丹下順子 Tange Junko?) is the president of Green Leaves Entertainment and Wake Up, Girls!' producer.


Junko has blond-brown neck-length hair and hazel eyes. She has fair skin and usually is seen wearing earrings on her ears. She is also often seen wearing long-sleeved shirts along with jackets and skirts.


Junko is a chain-smoker with a foul mouth and short temper, often harassing Kouhei physically and verbally. Though she seems to have little regard for others, she genuinely cares for WUG and tries her hardest to ensure the girls' success in the entertainment field.


She have been taking care of the popular duo Twinkle few years later. In Sendai, Junko also trained some talent, but belonging talent falls to zero due to departure and discontinuance. At that time, she saw the I-1club's performance on TV, and decided to launch an idol group who thought about halfway and bet on the company. She ordered Kouhei from his subordinate to search for a talent for the first time. After getting through twists they managed to form WUG!. But just before the debut, Junko ended up running away with all the money, saying her darling had an accident.

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