Itsuka Atsugi (阿津木 いつか) is an idol and member of the trio group 'Run Girls, Run!' alongside Ayumi Hayashi and Otome Morishima. She has appeared in the 'Wake Up, Girls! Eternal Senses' manga and will also appear in 'Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shou' too.

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Atsuki is the tallest member of RGR, just getting 5 foot tall and has dark brown short hair cut into a bob as well as having blue eyes.

Like the other members of the group. Atsuki has so far only been seen in a school uniform consisting of a blue blazer, light blue and white striped bow, check-pattern skirt and black shoes and socks.

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Atsugi tends to give off a cool air about herself which also coincidentally reflects her inside nature as well. She doesn't say a huge amount and is fairly quiet normally until when it comes to dancing, her specialty which is when she turns very hot-blooded. She is also an I-1 Club fan.

In the Eternal Senses manga, she does appear fairly, but not too reserved but with the limited amount released, not much of her character has been revealed by this point.

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