I Am My Ponytail
Episode 15
Story thumbnail image 1000292
Ponītēru wa Hontaidesu
Air Date
Japanese October 23, 2017
Opening 7 Senses
Ending Shizuku no Kanmuri
Insert Song DREAM
Previous Next
This is Our Home When It's Tasty, It's Tasty, Meow!

I Am My Ponytail (ポニーテールは本体です Ponītēru wa Hontaidesu?) is the 3rd episode of Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shou and the 15th episode of the series overall.

Description Edit

The girls attempt to do their very best at the various individual projects Tange has found for them, but none of them seem to be going very well. When Tange hears about this, she gives the girls some confusing advice.

Summary Edit

Major Events Edit

Trivia Edit

Staff Edit

Screenplay: Edit

  • Eriko Matsuda

Storyboard: Edit

  • Hikaru Muruta
  • Shin Itagaki

Production: Edit

  • Shingo Tanabe
  • Shin Itagaki


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