I-1 Club (I-1クラブ I-1 kurabu?) is a national popular idol unit. There are 200 members devided into I-1, I-2 and I-3 armies. Every month new girls are joining while others are fired.


  • 5th Generation(?*)
    • Takashina Rika

Former MembersEdit

*It has to be assumed it is the 5th generation as no other generation is mentioned and as in 'Seishun no Kage' it is stated that a new center is usually with a change in generations, Takshina Rika has to be part of the 5th generation. However, the manga 'Little Challenger: Wake Up, Girls! I-1 Club Side Story' could speak differently.

Discography Edit



I-1 Club
Shiho Mai Megumi Nanoka
Iwasaki Shiho Kondo Mai Yoshikawa Megumi Aizawa Nanoka
Moka1 Reina Tina
Suzuki Moka Suzuki Rena Kobayakawa Tina

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