I-1 Club (I-1クラブ I-1 kurabu?) is an idol unit created for the Wake Up, Girls! franchise.

Wake Up, Girls! Franchise Edit

I-1 Club is a nationally popular idol unit. There are 200 members divided into I-1, I-2 and I-3 armies. Every month new girls are joining while others are fired.

Current Members Edit

Former MembersEdit

Real Life Edit

Though the group does not have a real life equivalent, the voice actresses sometimes appear in character at Wake Up, Girls! events. Other times, their songs are performed by members of Wake Up, Girls!.

Discography Edit



Trivia Edit

  • The group is an allusion to the real idol group AKB48.


I-1 Club
Shiho Mai Megumi Nanoka
Iwasaki Shiho Kondo Mai Yoshikawa Megumi Aizawa Nanoka
Moka1 Reina Tina
Suzuki Moka Suzuki Rena Kobayakawa Tina

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