Hisami Nanami



Japanese Name 久海菜々美
Romaji Name Hisami Nanami
Age 14
Birthdate July 19
Grade Eighth Grade
Blood Type A
Height 148 cm
Weight 39 kg
Three Sizes B74 W50 H79
Star Sign Cancer
Handedness Left
Hometown Yamagata, Yamagata Prefecture
Hate Natto
Hobbies Piano
Affiliation Wake Up, Girls!
Yamashita Nanami
Anime Wake Up, Girls!
Game Wake Up, Girls! Stage no Tenshi

Nanami Hisami (久海 菜々美?) is a member of an idol group Wake Up, Girls!. She joined the group through the audition in late 2013. Her image color is purple.


Nanami has shoulder length brown hair with bangs tied up into a ponytail by a ribbon. Her eyes are dark almond brown.


She seems very confident and easy to talk to with. She also adores the bishonen drama "Hikarizuka Revue." , and is very prideful of herself. Her hobby is playing her piano and she dislikes Natto.


She lives in a large brown house, additionally, she has been training for singing and dancing since she was very young and has a piano inside her room, which hints that she might come from a rich family.  



From Japanese 菜 (na) "vegetables" 々 (na) "greens" duplicated and 美 (mi) "beautiful". Thus Nanami meaning vegetables, greens & beautiful.


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