This article is about the single Gokujou Smile by I-1 Club. For information on the song of the same name go to Gokujou Smile

Gokujou Smile (Single)

Gokujo Smile Regular - cover


Single by I-1 Club
Format CD
Publisher DIVE II Entertainment
Distributor avex marketing
Released April 23, 2014
Catalog Number AVCA-74102
Gokujou Smile is a single released as part of the Wake Up, Girls! franchise. It is the second single released under I-1 Club.

Tracklist Edit

Disc 1:

  1. Gokujou Smile
  2. Jera
  3. Gokujou Smile (Instrumental)
  4. Jera (Instrumental)

Disc 2 (Limited Edition Only):

  1. I-1 Talk!

Audio Edit

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