Girls Standing Onstage
Episode 02
Wake Up, Girls! - 02 21.48
Sutēji o Fumu Shōjo-tachi
Air Date
Japanese January 17, 2014
Opening Tachiagare! (TV),
7 Girls War (Blu-ray)
Ending Kotonoha Aoba
Insert Song Tachiagare!

Taiyō Iwaku Moeyo Chaos

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A Quiet Beginning Kindest

Girls Standing Onstage (ステージを踏む少女たち Sutēji o Fumu Shōjo-tachi?) is the second episode of Wake Up, Girls! anime series. It was aired on January 17, 2014


Wake Up, Girls! members finally take on a job. However, the job itself was abnormal and turns out to be service the peoples on a bath house. As those girls can't hold themselves anymore, a certain someone returns from her "vacation"...

Appearance ListEdit

  1. Tange Junko
  2. Matsuda Kohei
  3. Wake Up, Girls! members:


Major EventsEdit


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