Ayumi Hayashi (速志 歩) is an idol and a member of the Green Leaves group 'Run Girls, Run!'. She will make her first appearances in the 'Wake Up, Girls! Eternal Senses' manga and 'Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shou' TV Anime series.

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Ayumi has medium length black hair which is tied into a side pony tail via a red bow. She has light brown eyes and is fairly short, only just reaching about 5 feet in height.

So far she has only appeared in a school uniform which is almost entirely blue, with a checked skirt, a light blue and white striped bow and black socks and shoes.

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Very little is known as of now about the characteristics of Ayumi, but it can be seen that she is taken aback by idols, more specifically Mayu Shimada. She doesn't appear to have a prior obsession to idols, unlike her fellow group members, Otome and Itsuka.

Additionally, Ayumi is fairly quiet but she is also very bright on her inside and is fairly shy as a result of her quietness. However, despite these insecurities, her singing and dancing are excellent.

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  • Wake Up, Girls! Eternal Senses

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